At the close of the Olympus Rally, we find ourselves with another win and leading the 2wd National Championship. This, and all other news from Olympus is overshadowed by the tragic loss of a friend and fellow rally driver, Matt Marker. His absolute love of the sport, enthusiasm, and sense of humor set him apart from many other competitors. He was always the first with a joke or to lend other teams a helping hand. One minute we were laughing about ACP’s postman’s car, the next he is gone. All I can say is that he will be sorely missed, and that our thoughts are with his family.

Team 333 will return to the west coast for the Oregon Trail Rally next weekend. We hope to claim our third consecutive National win, and to stretch the Championship lead. Long hours spent on the car have paid off, Ole is an incredible co-driver, our crew has been flawless, all we have left to do is throw some new tires on and go hot. Thanks again to everyone that has helped get us this far, we are still amazed at the support that we have received.


It’s been another busy few weeks preparing for Olympus, but I think we finally have everything together enough to give everybody a quick situation report from the road… We have completely changed the look of the Mazda. New paint, graphics, everything. The gray was way too tame, we will be posting photos and video of the new car from the event… hope everybody likes it, I’m really excited. We have completely re-done the brake system, finally installed proper gravel suspension, and tweaked a lot of little things to try and make it as perfect as possible for the next two events. There is only a two week gap between the Olympus Rally in Washington and the Oregon Trail Rally so we want to minimize re-prep between events, we almost have to treat the two as one big event as I will be leaving the car on the west coast and flying home to instruct at the rally school in between. With all this, I initially underestimated the cost of this whole adventure and realized about a week ago that there was no way our team could afford to run both events on our budget… so I put a quick post on my facebook page, taking donations to my paypal account. The response was shocking, we were over $1k in a few days and now think there might be a real chance of pulling all this off, so a HUGE thank you to everyone who threw a few bucks our way… I think you all literally might have saved our season and championship bid, as long as I don’t screw it all up.

We will also be making a huge attempt at Olympus to get photos, video, and results to everybody watching ASAP. Follow us on twitter at wyattknoxdotcom and on my facebook page. Wildman Bill Caswell will be wandering around with us, shooting video and helping out at service. Michael Powers is coming out with us to handle payoffs and subvert the competition. The legendary Alex Roy, the fastest man on the open road, is also coming with to check on the world of stage rally. Fast Eddie will be turning the wrenches, Big Caitlin will do everything else, and hopefully we are going to win this thing and lead the Rally America 2wd Championship to Oregon. Will keep you all posted, when I know more, you all will too. Thanks again to everyone that made this all possible, see you in Ocean Shores in a few days.


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We are currently sitting in second place by two points after a Fourth place finish at Sno Drift and a First at 100 Acre. In preparation for the rest of the season, we are in the middle of re-painting the Mazda (pictures to come) and making some serious suspension and brake upgrades at Team O’neil. Blanco Basura is in the process of helping us with some cool shirts and hats and may the BF Goodrich gods continue to smile upon us . I’d like to thank The Ogontz Group and S&S Precision for their support in getting us this far, as well as invite anyone else thinking about getting onboard to drop us a line any time. The websites getting an average of 1660 hits a day. That’s all I have for now, back to work, see you all out in Washington and Oregon soon!

So, I figured I’d give everyone a little recap after The Rally in the 100 Acre Woods and let you know what is going on for the rest of the Rally America series… If you haven’t heard yet, the great Ole Holter has assumed Co-Driving duties in the Speed3. As a young driver, I would be super lucky to have someone in the car with half the experience and personality that Ole possesses. On recce we made some fairly significant note changes, blending together a couple of different styles to make by far one of the best sets of notes I have ever run. On stage his note delivery was nearly flawless, he knew where to push me harder and where to reign me in, and after we had won I think he even beat Dave Mirra and some others on the pool table. We won all but one stage of the rally, taking 2wd by over three and a half minutes. I look forward to working with him for the rest of the season here in America, maybe a few Canadian events, and all of the adventures and exploits that will surely ensue.

Merry Xmas!1

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So, many apologies for not recently posting a blog… the last few weeks have been hellatiously busy. Running back and forth to Boston and shooting the railslide video a couple weeks ago was a great time and I’m glad a lot of people got a kick out of it. Ken Block, Monster Energy and 16 lucky contest winners were up at the Rally School for a week playing in the snow… It was good to meet a bunch of new faces as well as see some old ones, notably the nefarious Ron Zaras, that man is pretty handy in a car fire let me tell ya. Too bad it happened while we were leading the rally overall after 7 stages, in a 2wd car nonetheless… but that’s rallying I guess. Other than that we’ve had some more desert racers hanging out, training at Team Oneil, some stunt drivers, and some other great guys and girls who are smart enough to realize driver training might make more sense than adding horsepower… We’ve hatched some pretty good plans for another little stunt video as well, been trying some new stuff out, cant say much yet… The local ski mountain, Cannon, has gotten off to a bit of a rocky start… 2 fatalities in the last week, both expert skiers. Conditions are classic cannon greatness though, but certainly not for the feint of heart. Other than that, good to have a few days to see family and friends, try some new stuff out at the track, and get ready for the new year. Should be a good one…