Pilot: Wyatt Knox

Wyatt Knox rarely finished a Rally Stage or Rally Cross event without a podium finish,with one exception, since  starting his amateur racing career five years ago at the age of 21. Under-funded and often as a  crew of one, Wyatt has driven to events with just enough gas money to get himself to the race  and back. Acting as driver, crew chief, and mechanic Wyatt has still managed to beat out his  well-funded competition.

For the past six years Wyatt has been a chief instructor at one of the most respected Rally  Schools in the world- The Team O’Neil Rally School. Thousands of hours of seat time have  given Wyatt an advantage that has provided winning results, so they have decided to give him the tools to compete with the best.

February 25-26 100 Acre Wood 1st Place in Class
January 28-29 Sno*Drift 4th Place in Class

RallyCars Rallycross #1 August 28,29 2010 – 2nd 2wd
Team Oneil Rally May 8, 2010- Winning Overall.. DNF FIRE
Paul Bunyan’s Ride Central Regional Rally August 28, 2009- 2nd 2wd, 2nd Overall
10,000 Lakes Central Regional Rally August 29, 2009- 2nd 2wd, 2nd Overall
Mexico Eastern Regional Rally July 17, 2009- 2nd
Berlin Eastern Regional Rally July 18, 2009- 2nd
Finger Lakes Eastern Regional Rally June 5, 2009- 1st Overall
Sherwood Forest Eastern Regional Rally June 6, 2009- 1st Overall
Team Oneil Rally January 24, 2009- 2nd
NJMP Rallycross #4 3rd